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Murderers of Marvel

Murderers of Marvel Heroes, villains and neutral people all become victim when it comes to a superhero war. In the Marvel universe who is the most deadliest killer?…

The Uncanny Canon

The Uncanny Canon The following infographic named “The Uncanny Canon” is revealing some interesting information about X-men series.

Captain America – History of the Shield

Captain America History of the Shield The following infographic is presenting the history of the Captain America and the history of theĀ  shield of captain America.

The Many Lives of Spiderman

Many Lives of Spiderman There are different lives of spider-man, he is living in comic books, television and movies. The following infographic is a visual presentation of many…

100 Supervillains Based on Animals

Supervillains Based on Animals Spiderman, Batman and some of the other most popular characters in comics are based on members of the animal kingdom. While Batman and Spidey…

The Top 10 Comic Book Vehicles of All Time

The Top 10 Comic Book Vehicles of All Time Here is an interesting infographic that reveals the top 10 comic book vehicles of all time with its amazing…

Does the World Need Superheroes?

World Need Superheroes People need hope to survive and superheroes are the hope of people. This infographic will tell you does the world need superheroes or not.

Amazing Superbabies

Amazing Superbabies How was the childhood of the Superman? Of course, superman was once a superbaby. Let’s see some amazing superbabies.

Ultron Assembled : What is his Deal?

Ultron Assembled From Origin to strength, everything is discussed about Ultron. Let’s see Ultron assembled in the following infographic.